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Chapman’s Shellfish is carefully selected for the finest quality. The range includes our very versatile King Prawns and our Cooked & Peeled Prawns which are all the very best quality, plump and full of flavour. Our range also includes our delicious Chapman’s Scallops.

Fish Bakes, Coated Fish and Mini Fish Cakes

We are very proud of our Fish Bakes, Coated Fish products and our Mini Fish Cakes. We only ever use the best quality fish and this Chapman’s range is always a winner with our customers. Once you have tasted one of our Chapman’s Fish Bakes or Coated Fish products, you will definitely want to try them all. Quality is always key to our philosophy and this is what sets Chapman’s products apart.

Natural Fish Fillets

Chapman’s Natural Fish Fillet products are simply the best and an excellent way of adding an excellent source of protein to your diet. Our Natural Fish Fillets are filletted and boned ready for you to use as you like. Prepared with great care by the Chapman’s team, we make your cooking as easy as possible.

All of our Natural Fish Fillets are always carefully sourced and we focus on supplying our customers with only the best quality.

Explore the full range of our exciting Fish & Seafood Dishes

Handmade Fish In Sauces
& Fish Pies

These are some of our customers favourite dishes. We only use prime fish fillet in all our Chapman’s Fish In Sauces range. Choose from Cod Fillet or Salmon Fillet in mouthwatering sauces that delight the palate to our famous Chapman’s Fish Pie. Our prime fish fillets are matched by our carefully sourced quality ingredients ensuring you of the very best. Each recipe is a taste sensation and perfect for a heart warming meal.

Handmade Gourmet Fish Cakes

Our award winning Fish Cakes are renowned not just for their quality but for their innovative flavour combinations. Handmade using only the best fish and carefully selected ingredients, Chapman’s Gourmet Fish Cakes are a culinery delight. They are so versatile and ideal for lunch or supper and perfect for entertaining,  whatever the occasion.

Handmade Fish Wellingtons

Chapman’s Wellingtons are sensational. Think prime cuts of Fish with mouth watering sauces wrapped in a light puff pastry. Truly delicious and perfect for impressing your friends and family or for just for a heart warming meal. Our Fish Wellingtons are irresistible.

Our Products

Our handmade fish and seafood dishes have being inspired by our wealth of experience and our love of the the highest quality fish and the finest of ingredients.

Download our Stockists Price List

Click below to download an up to date price list for our RRP's on our full product range.

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